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10 Tricky Riddles and Logic Puzzles To Sharpen Your Brain11:26

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If you are a Genius, can you solve this puzzle? So, test your ingenuity and knowledge with these top 10 amazing riddles and puzzles that 90% fail to answer.

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Featured List: 10 Tricky Riddles and Logic Puzzles to Sharpen Your Brain
00:17 - Short Picture Puzzle.
If you love to drive your car, then this puzzle should be a cake walk for you.

01:04 - Arithmetic Logical Puzzle
If you're good in math, then you should definitely solve this in a jiffy! And for those who are not, you need to try this a bit harder.

02:21 - Picture Puzzle
This puzzle will test both your brain power as well as your observation skills.

03:07 - Puzzle to test how genius you are
This puzzle is for people who love to challenge their brain, and bring out the genius within you.

04:51 - Simple Arithmetic Puzzle
Once again a math puzzle, but this time it will also test how good can you handle your money.

07:06 - Simple Arithmetic Puzzle
Grab your evening coffee, sit out with your friends and get ready to do some math fun with your coffee cups.

08:13 - Picture Puzzle
After some serious puzzle solving, now let’s test your vision and brain together.

08:38 - Tricky Logical Riddle
Now this is a birthday problem, and if you go on to solve this one, then you are almost in the top 30% people, as it's quite a tricky one.

09:36 - Short Picture Puzzle
This is a simple one to make you relax before the last tricky puzzle

10:06 - Puzzle that will make you a genius like Einstein
If you have a mental capacity to think beyond the scope, then give it a try to become the Genius you were meant to be.

So guys, were you the top 10% who passed this test?
Tell us in the COMMENTS the answer to the tricky puzzle from the THUMBNAIL: Who is the most stupid person who will fall?

Thanks for watching!

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